Project Management for junior lawyers

This workshop introduces junior lawyers to the concept of legal project management as a driver of consistency, quality and cost effectiveness.  Seeing the "bigger picture" enables them to

  • view their own workloads in context so they can work more effectively in teams
  • adopt a structured and consistent approach to the project
  • understand the importance of taking ownership of their own areas of responsibility
  • engage with your firm's codes of conduct and best practice 

Using a variety of approaches including role play and practical exercises we introduce the concept of the LPM mindset and, against the background of a “new instruction”, address the key issues and stages in the management of a project.  The workshop can be structured around either a transactional or a contentious project or can be non-specific as to practice area. 









Introduction to Legal Project Management


This workshop will help associates who are beginning to be involved in managing projects to adopt a more structured management approach.  Using a variety of training methods including role play and practical exercises, we will reinforce the LPM mindset by focusing on key issues such:

  • Client objectives and expectations
  • Team structure and responsibilities
  • Engagement and management of external team
  • Timetable
  • Communication protocols
  • Documentation protocols
  • Logistics
  • Cost management and reporting
  • Change management
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