Coach Mentoring


The prospect of promotion, with its attendant rewards, recognition and sense of achievement, may be exciting, but the road to promotion can be stressful and lonely. And things may not feel much better when you get there.  The role may be unfamiliar and bigger than you have been prepared for, the demands greater, and your supporters’ attention redirected now you’ve got there.  


For those transitioning into a new role, an external mentor who has been in a similar situation can draw on their experience, expertise and knowledge to advise and guide a less experienced person in order to enhance their performance or support their development.


For those starting out on a new career, it can be a comfort to be supported in exploring and identifying their  direction and purpose as they navigate along unfamiliar paths.


A coach mentor will use a variety of approaches to help their mentee find their way, typically operating non-directively and choosing judiciously when to share their views and when simply to help the mentee think things through for himself. 


Our team of coach mentors have experience of supporting professionals across a range of business sectors (law, financial services, accountancy, SMEs) from those embarking on their first career steps, to those transitioning into more senior roles as consultants, partners and owners.






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