Interlocutory Advocacy 

This workshop will help your advocates:

  • build or improve upon their existing presentation skills
  • understand the key principles of conducting interlocutory advocacy
  • practice oral advocacy in contested applications
  • through live and digital review, learn techniques and skills to improve their presentations and submissions
  • develop and strengthen their advocacy practice

The programme can accommodate participants of varying levels of seniority, and uses the tried and tested techniques established by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) which employs a learning-by-doing approach in the form of a cycle of theory - demonstration - practice - feedback – review. 


Participants are first reminded of the rules of advocacy and court etiquette then given the opportunity to practice their advocacy skills against the background of a commercial litigation dispute, in a series of contested applications.   Performances will be video recorded and participants receive individual feedback throughout the duration of the course. 









Advanced Advocacy 


In this workshop which is aimed at those who already have significant advocacy experience can, we use the  the techniques developed in the US by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA).  Underlying the method is the recognition that advocacy is a “skill” rather than a gift and can be taught using a structured approach focusing on basic techniques, reinforced by repeated practice. Since the method looks at improving one issue at a time, it encourages incremental learning.  As such it can be as helpful for more advanced advocates as it can for the most junior practitioners.

Our workshops employ a learning-by-doing approach to the teaching of advanced advocacy skills, using a  cycle of theory - demonstration - practice - feedback – review. The course can be bespoke to address the particular areas on which your advocates wish to focus and can mrror their areas of practice.  Courses could, for example, include elements of trial preparation, cross-examination or preparation for Higher Rights of Audience assessments. 

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