We offer two leadership coaching programmes. The Strategic Leadership Development programme is designed for partners  and others in senior leadership positions who are responsible for leading other partners and senior managers, such as where they have team, practice group or office leadership roles. The Leading High Performance Teams programme is designed for partners, counsel and others in team leadership roles where understanding people and team synergy is key to success.

All programmes are highly interactive, with the bulk of the time spent on experiential exercises, role plays, case studies, discussions and presentations. Each two-day module is followed by workplace assignments plus a follow-up with the trainer to review the  assignments and the 360 report, where used.









Strategic Leadership Development


The programme is delivered in two modules over four days. It is built around the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) model of leadership developed by Management Research Group. This model comprises 22 behavioural leadership practices grouped under six core leadership functions:

·         Creating a vision

·         Developing followers

·         Implementing the vision

·         Following through

·         Achieving results

·         Team playing


Module 1: Leadership

·    Understanding your leadership profile, including leadership practices using the LEA model, appreciating your leadership behaviours and creating a success profile for your role

·    Strategy and influence, including strategic thinking, strategy in practice and building networks of influence


Module 2: Coaching and Change

·    Leading change, including managing across cultures, the psychology of change, leading people in change and managing a change project

·    Coaching for empowerment, including managing remote teams, coaching for empowerment, handling difficult people and career coaching









Leading High Performance Teams


This programme is delivered in two modules over four days. It uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument to raise participants’ self-awareness and awareness of others to help them understand their strengths and limitations, how best to deploy their skills and improve ways in which they interact with others,.and  covers the following leadership competencies:

·         Ethics

·         Communication

·         Planning

·         Delegating

·         Motivating teams

·         Performance management

·         Evaluating and learning from mistakes


Module 1: Finding your leadership style

·    Awareness of self and others, including understanding personality types, people in teams, working with differences, building your leadership profile

·    The building blocks of leadership, including ethics and trust, communication in action, planning your team and motivating your team


Module 2: Managing performance

·    Performance management, including performance and goal setting, giving performance feedback, dealing with poor performance and keeping performance on track

·    Stepping up to leadership, including empowering people by delegation, leadership in action, assessing your leadership skills and managing success and failure

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