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Our team coaching programmes help team members learn more about themselves and their colleagues and work out how their different skills and approaches can be brought together and harnessed to maximise team success.  We will explore the team's past successes, current needs and future aspirations to get a clear perspective on what needs to be accomplished, whether it be to

  • Consolidate a new team
  • Revitalise an existing team
  • Manage change, conflict or stress
  • Improve communications and problem solving
  • Build leadership and followership skills
Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator we explore the strengths and challenges faced by each team member and how these impact the performance of the team collectively. Through facilitated discussions and activities we facilitate the creation of an action plan, where the team decide on and commit to specific steps to move themselves towards increased collaboration and greater effectiveness. 
Scheduled individual and team coaching sessions support progress towards individual and team goals and help to ensure follow-through on commitments made during the initial workshops.
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