“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” - George Bernard Shaw


Effective communication is the cornerstone of commerce.  Whether you are leading a meeting, delegating or reporting to colleagues or pitching to a client your presentation skills are key to a successful outcome.  We offer a range of courses which can be tailored to the specific needs of your teams, including:


  • Effective communication
  • Practical presentation skills









Effective Communication


Communication is a two-way process involving listening as well as speaking.  Many communication breakdowns occur through lack of preparation, or misunderstanding of the listener’s perspective.  This programme includes three practically focused workshops

·    Taking instructions (including seeking clarification, active listening skills reflecting back, identifying missing elements and asking questions to define the scope

·    Effective presentation (including the four Ps: planning, preparation, practice, performance, as well as structuring conversations to achieve a desired objective).  This workshop includes video-recorded review and feedback.. 

·    Dealing with difficult conversations/people (including fixing the problem not the person, empathy, resilience techniques, deflecting, fogging etc., assertiveness including bottom-lining and exploring win-win situations)








Practical Presentation Skills


This 2 x half-day workshop breaks down into two modules will cover the importance of 

  • Planning (including understanding the desired outcome, understanding the audience’s needs and background, thinking about message, context and takeaways)
  • Preparation (including structure, content, anticipating audience attention drift and techniques for managing it)
  • Practice (including using tone, pacing techniques, eye-contact, body language, avoiding nervous habits and boosting confidence) and 
  • Performance (including use of visual aids, aides-memoire, positioning and presentation tools)

We will look at creating a structure which is easy to remember and connects with the audience as well as practising the techniques and using video capture and review to bring about improvements in individual performance. 

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