Our financial knowledge courses introduce the basic concepts of financial reporting to enable participants to interpret financial statements and identify and understand issues that they may throw up, as well as coveringmore specialised topics such as equity valuations and derivatives.








Understanding Financial Statements


This workshop introduces the basic concepts of corporate financial reporting followed by an overview of a typical set of financial statements with an analysis of all technical terms explained in everyday language. Participants will consolidate their understanding of accounting basics by doing a practical accounting exercise.








Interpreting Financial Statements


In this workshop the basic concepts of analytical review are outlined before participants analyse a company’s financial statements with the view to a potential acquisition. Participants will need to identify, from the financial statements, areas where they will require further information to help make their decision. It can be expanded into a broader exercise incorporating aspects of an M&A transaction, such as reporting issues to a client and drafting key provisions of an SPA.  








Equity Valuation


In this workshop the concept of intrinsic value is introduced by considering the different factors that influence a company’s share price. Relative valuation, which links the price of a share to an underlying measure, such as earnings, is explained and derived. It is then contrasted with fundamental valuation.








Introduction to Financial Derivatives; Options and Futures


This workshop gives an overview of financial derivatives. This is followed by a more in-depth look at futures with consideration of interest rate and foreign currency futures. Different types of options are then covered with particular reference to their valuation. Theories and concepts are backed up with calculations and exercises.

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